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Project Description
A Visual Studio 2010 & 2012 Extension which provides JavaScript code analysis using JSLint.


  • Choice of JSlint (current), JSLint (old) and JSHint.
  • Simple .vsix double-click installation. Also available on the Visual Studio Gallery (2012 page) website, and downloadable directly from within Visual Studio using Tools->Extension Manager.
  • Configure from the Tools menu. Screenshot
  • Import/Export Options.
  • Analyze JavaScript on Save
  • Analyze all JavaScript files when building the project or solution (also supports analyzing HTML files containing JavaScript).
  • Analyze selected JavaScript files from the Solution Explorer. Screenshot
  • Analyze a selected JavaScript snippet or the complete file while in the Code Editor window. Screenshot
  • Output as Errors, Warnings, Messages or Tasks. Screenshot
  • Skip validation of certain script files and folders when building (e.g. non-user code). Screenshot
  • Skip validation of a file section. Screenshot
  • Predefine JSLint global variables, per file or globally.
  • CSS validation.
  • Detection of constants (optional)

1.4.2 - support maxcomplexity options in jshint. updated jshint&jslint. Thanks to Fredrik Mörk per solution options now have a relative path. aligned labels in options. 2012: Now excludes files from build correctly.

1.4.1 - bugfixes - UI should support dpi modes better, global not globals, hide warn on unused global option for jshint (and make visible for everyone else), fix some errors oldjslint was giving since 1.3.10. bugfixes for 2012 - context menu appears in js files in editor, items in solution folders don't throw exceptions when right clicking, support express versions

1.4.0 - per solution config. new lint & hint. Visual Studio 2012 Alpha support.

1.3.11 - fixed old jslint (broken in 1.3.10)

1.3.10 - new camelcase and quote options for jshint, jslint removed yahoo widget defines, Upgraded dependencies, Fixed bad wording of regex-dash option, No longer upgrades options from before 1.2.4

1.3.9 - New JSLint and JSHint.

1.3.8 - New JSLint and JSHint. Fixed bug causing strict trailing whitespace in JSHint to give a exception. JSLint removed confusion option, added anon option. JSHint added laxcomma.

1.3.7 - New JSLint, New JSHint, new ES.Next and smarttabs option in JShint, removed adsafe and safe options from jslint.

1.3.6 - update to jslint and jshint latest

1.3.5 - Guess whether the HTML is really javascript and use the selected linter in this case. Updated JSLint to latest.

1.3.4 - New version of jslint - more type confusion, support for types on properties - Critical bug fix with whitespace option

1.3.3 - New version of hint and lint (new options and polarity of many jslint options changed). Now reports error with text that relates to the lint engine.

1.3.2 - New version of hint and lint (including new options)

1.3.1 - New version of hint & lint plus bugfixes

1.3.0 - JSHint Support & Run on save

1.2.4 - Bugfix for Solution Folders, thanks to Magnus Lidbom. Bugfix for skip on build in websites and on folders. "" no longer appears as repeated constant. New version of JSLint with bug fixes.

1.2.3 - Support for tolerate continue option, spelling mistake and tolerance of 0 and 1 as repeated constants

1.2.2 - New Version of JSLint, some bug fixes and constant detection

1.2.1 - New Version of JSLint - support to switch back to old version of JSLint

1.2.0 - Spelling Fix, TODO detection, new version of JS Lint

1.1.5 - New Version of JSLint, Bug Fix with Indent option not working

1.1.4 - Import/Export Options

1.1.3 - Ability to skip sections of a file, CSS & HTML Validation

1.0.2 - Ability to exclude a folder and minor bug fixes

1.0.1 - Configurable error list severity, uses edited file instead of last saved file and minor bug fixes 

1.0.0 - Initial Release


Configure from the Tools menu

Supports all JSLint Options

Visual Studio Options

Analyze selected JavaScript files from the Solution Explorer

Analyze a selected JavaScript snippet or the complete file while in the Code Editor window

Output as Errors, Warnings, Messages or Tasks

Skip validation of certain script files and folders

Skip validation of a file section

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